The Perfect Team.  We pride ourselves on creating a team that is of like minds, compassionate and highly educated with regards to advancements in orthopedic rehabilitation. 

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  • Team USA Physical Therapist
  • Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
  • McKenzie Certified
  • Chairman, Quality Assurance Committee for AposTherapy
  • Sub-specialty in the Ankle and Foot
  •  Author of Published Scientific Literature and Medical Textbook Contributor
  • Consultant to the Sports Medicine Division for the United States Figure Skating Team
  • Founder and Developer of the Off-Ice Edge and Tennis Balance Board Devices
  • Physical Therapist for NHL, NFL, USTA and USFSA Athletes

David Lipetz, MSPT, OCS, Cert.MDT

David is the owner and director of rehabilitation services at One Physical Therapy.  As a Division I football player for Rutgers University, he was instantly attached to the field of Physical Therapy by experiencing first hand the intimate and rewarding nature that the profession was able to offer. After graduating from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science, David studied at New York Medical College and received his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy.

Upon completion of his Physical Therapy education, David specialized in the treatment of individuals that were suffering from spinal disorders and orthopedic conditions. Shortly after graduating New York Medical College, David studied with the McKenzie Institute, U.S.A. and received his credentials to practice the "Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment" of spinal disorders (Cert.MDT). Following this 2 year post graduate program, he went on for further specialization and received an "Orthopedic Clinical Specialist"(OCS) status that was issued to him by the American Physical Therapy Association. 

While in Los Angeles California, David served as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the orthopedic department at the nation’s top ranked Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, The University of Southern California. While at USC, he taught orthopedic manual therapy and lectured on spinal disorders. 

Also while in Los Angeles, David founded Westside Spine and Joint Rehabilitation. Along with spinal disorders and orthopedic conditions, he branched out further into the treatment of foot and ankle disorders and worked closely with the highly regarded UCLA University Podiatry Group, where he served as a consultant post-operatively and as a therapist prior to and after podiatric surgery. 

In early 2014, David was approached by AposTherapy to be the first physical therapist in the United States to offer this ground breaking technology to individuals suffering from chronic knee and hip pain.  AposTherapy was developed in Israel 10 years ago and has helped over 50 thousand patients in the UK, Israel and Singapore.  In addition to David’s formal training in AposTherapy methodology and clinical practice with the clinical team based out of Israel, he is presently involved with an apprenticeship program with the creator of AposTherapy, Dr. Alvi Albez.

Beyond traditional physical therapy services, David specializes in the treatment and assessment of elite athletes consisting of players in the NHL, NFL, USTA, USFSA and various olympic and world level competitors. David has a unique interest in biomechanics and works with skilled athletes in sports such as figure skating, tennis, baseball (pitchers) and dancers.  David is an active consultant to the sports medicine division for the United States Olympic Team and is a physical therapist for the United States Figure Skating Team. David currently holds a United States patent for a training device aimed towards strengthening the lower extremity for elite figure skaters (The Off-Ice Edge) and tennis players (The Tennis Balance Board). 

David often collaborates with many of the nations’ top coaches and/or trainers as a consultant for those that are seeking help for their athletes recover from orthopedic injuries or need assistance in developing athlete specific scientific strength training protocols.

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  • Recipient of the NYIT Physical Therapy Clinical Education Performance Award
  • Certified AposTherapy PT
  • Specialty in Temporomandibular Dysfunctions
  • Experienced in Treating Orthopaedic, Acute, Pediatric and Neurological Impairments


Serving as our lead physical therapist, Jennifer Kolasinski graduated from New York Institute of Technology with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. During her graduate studies, Jennifer achieved the Physical Therapy Clinical Education Performance award, recognizing her outstanding academic achievements in outpatient orthopedic practice. 

Jennifer has a sub specialty in the treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (TMJ) and works with many of the top Dentists and Cranio-Maxillary-Fascial surgeons in the Tri state area.

In late 2014, Jennifer trained with the AposTherapy team based out of Israel and achieved her certification to utilize this ground breaking new technology for osteoarthritic joins.  

Consistent with the standards at One Physical Therapy, Jennifer is presently pursuing a dual board certification consisting of becoming certified in the Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of spinal disorders (Cert.MDT) and as an orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS).

Jennifer has always had an interest in the art of rhythmic movement of the human body. Her love of dance began at the age of five while taking ballet and jazz classes. In addition to dancing competitively on a team performing modern, kick, and jazz, Jennifer achieved accolades performing solo as well.

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Zachary Spero, DPT

Zachery Spero is a Long Island Native who was raised in a household that emphasized health and wellness from an extremely young age.  His father, Dr. Gary Spero, a chiropractor, and his mother Victoria instilled these values through their  holistic approach to life.  Zachary is a former all county wrestler and was an ocean lifeguard at our very own Tobay Beach.  His past clearly drove his interests in health, nutrition, and exercise.  It was inevitable that Zachary would pursue a profession that encompassed the values ingrained in him throughout his life.

Zachary earned his Kinesiology undergraduate degree from the Pennsylvania State University in 2010. After completing his bachelors program Zachary deferred his admittance to Physical Therapy School to volunteer among the underserved areas of Central and South America. When he returned he began his studies at Stony Brook University and he received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2014.

After graduation Zachary began working at One Physical Therapy where he was given the highest quality mentor-ship and learning experiences available. He is currently in the process of becoming a McKenzie certified therapist and is on path to pursue a clinical specialist certificate in orthopedic rehabilitation.