One Physical Therapy and the McKenzie Method

One Physical Therapy is proud to utilize the McKenzie Method in the assessment portion for all orthopedic pathology that we treat.  Understanding how tissue responds to specific "load" testing is paramount in understanding your injured tissue.  No two patients are alike.  Without this knowledge, we are unable to develop a specific program tailored to your pathology.  

The Mckenzie method was initially utilized for spinal disorders. It's original success was based on the use of specific movements of the spinal column to understand how  tissue responds to various loading strategies and subsequent to that, patients' were categorized into one of three levels of tissue healing and treated accordingly.  

Over time, the McKenzie Method has evolved into a way of understanding all orthopedic pathology.  To us, it makes the most sense and ultimately takes the guessing out of the equation when formulating your treatment plan.  While we are passionate about incorporating this methodology into our clinical practice model, by no means do we practice as a McKenzie "Purest" when it comes to the "treatment" portion of your program.  Once our patients are appropriately categorized, we will employ a host of treatment strategies in addition to the traditional McKenzie based treatment programs. 


McKenzie Certified physical therapists go through extensive training which involves a series of courses that usually span a two year time frame. Upon completion of this program, physical therapists are then required to sit for a credentialing exam to receive proper certification from the McKenzie Institute. To really appreciate the power of the McKenzie Method, it is essential to be treated by a certified McKenzie physical therapist (Cert.MDT)

What Patient Population is the McKenzie Method Helpful For?

The McKenzie Method specializes in the treatment of all spinal and musculoskeletal disorders.  The McKenzie Method’s unique system of classification can be applied to every single area of the body. Sports injuries, joint pain, arthritis, tendon injuries  and chronic joint conditions can all benefit from the McKenzie Method.

What is REPEX™ treatment?

REPEX™ stands for Repeated End Range Passive Exercise. The therapeutic effects of the REPEX™ are based on the McKenzie Method, which uses repetitive end range movements to influence the location and intensity of pain that arises from the spine.

How does REPEX™ treatment work?

The REPEX™ machine was developed by Robin McKenzie to provide controlled doses of specific repeated movements to the back. The REPEX™ can provide up to ten cycles per minute of flexion/distraction, extension/distraction or both.   If you are a candidate, your McKenzie certified physical therapist may perform joint mobilizations in conjunction with this type of treatment. 

This form of continuous passive motion has been found to provide a better quality of healing and rapid recovery when applied to other injured joints of the body. REPEX™ is the first machine to provide this motion for mechanical low back disorders.