One Physical Therapy will work with you on an individual basis in filing your insurance claims.  We work with all insurance plans, however, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with your plan's annual deductible, co-payment schedule and/or co-insurance (if applicable).  As a courtesy to you, we will file all of the necessary paper work and forms required to activate and keep your coverage current, while you are being treated in our facility.  We also accept assignment from Medicare, United Health Care LIJ and LIJ Care Connect. 

Quick Guide to Insurance Claims and Billing:

  • At any time, we will have a representative available to you to discuss issues such as your annual deductibles (if applicable) and / or your co-insurance amount (if applicable).
  • All applicable authorization reports and / or progress reports that are required by your insurance company will be produced by your treating physical therapist and submitted immediately upon request.
  • Filing will be done electronically to ensure the most efficient processing of your claims.

While we offer to call on your behalf regarding eligibility and benefits, we also request that you, the beneficiary, check on your benefits and fully understand the limitations of your policy. Occasionally, the information that we receive from the insurance company is not accurate or up to date. Therefore, we cannot emphasis enough how important it is for you to confirm your benefits. It is very important for you to know your healthcare policies limitations.

If you choose not to use your health insurance or do not have out of network benefits, One Physical Therapy has a private pay fee structure in place which is comparable to the average fees associated with physical therapy services.

For those patients that are required to make co-insurance payments, there are many options available such as payment plans that can be implemented by our office manager, credit card payments or personal checks.