Our High Performance Treatment option is available to those athletes that are looking to maximize performance and most important, their recovery from high performance play. What people most often overlook is how important the recovery phase of training is when it comes to performance within a given sport.  We tailor our recovery programs to the individual with regards to their previous injuries (if any), problematic areas of the body and of course, towards any orthopedic findings that we deem are relevant in the athletes’ performance.

Make no mistake about it, proper recovery is what takes the athlete to the next level!  At One Physical Therapy, most of our athletes are at the national, international and professional level within their given sport.

We utilize techniques such as advanced manual therapy and ground breaking modalities that are based out of Europe.  Through these techniques we are able to very quickly and effectively address any inflammation in the body and prepare the athlete for a return to sport with restored energy, flexibility and power.  Our approach simply allows the body to do what it is supposed to do, just a lot quicker, and without medication.

*Certain modalities that we use may not be age appropriate for all and / or may not be FDA approved.   We have gone to great lengths to insure the safety of all modalities and techniques that we utilize in our practice.