What is it?

Over 30 years ago it was first demonstrated that small amounts of laser light could relieve pain and promote tissue repair. The intensity of this type of phototherapy is so low, that it has been likened to weak sunlight. Since then, great strides have been made in the science of rehabilitation, and phototherapy has become one of the staples of promoting tissue repair and modulating pain.


How Does it Work?

LLLT uses specific wavelengths of the natural spectrum of light to deliver energy to the cells of the body. Cells use this energy to power the production of collagen, the main component of every tissue in the body. Furthermore, the production of disease-fighting cells is enhanced using laser therapy.


Is laser therapy painful?

Due to the low-level intensity calibrated in cold-laser devices, treatments are not painful. One of the effects of LLLT is the opposite, to reduce pain. Sensations such as warmth or tingling may be felt, but are only transient.


How long before I experience results?

A reduction in pain may occur with the first treatment. Tissue repair takes longer in general, however LLLT facilitates a speedier recovery. If used on a regular basis, about 3 times per week, good results are generally seen within 2-3 weeks.

Are there any side-effects

There are no known side-effects to LLLT. LLLT is however contraindicated for patients who are on immune-suppressant drugs or have a cardiac pacemaker or other electronic implants. LLLT is also contraindicated over the thyroid gland, haemorrhages, the uterus in pregnant women, over carcinomas, and over the eyes.