David Lipetz Joins the Olympic Committee

David Lipetz, founder and director of One Physical Therapy, has joined forces with the Olympic Committee in its efforts to reduce impact injuries. David has extensive experience working with Olympic-level athletes. In addition to facilitating recovery from injury, David Lipetz designed a conditioning device for elite figure skaters through his affiliate company Analytical Human Motion. The training device, known as the Off-Ice Edge, has gained international notoriety for its unique and scientific approach to enhancing the performance of figure skaters.

Now Offering Shockwave Therapy

One Physical Therapy strives to use the most advanced and current techniques in orthopedic practice.  One modality that has gained enormous popularity is Shockwave Therapy.  Excellent results have been found in its use for tendon and soft tissues injuries, such as tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), plantar fasciitis and muscle strains or injuries. One Physical Therapy is one of the handful of orthopedic practices in New York State to offer Shockwave Therapy.

Read more about this unique treatment by clicking here.

Recognizing Excellence

At One Physical Therapy, we stand behind the achievements of our patients.  In our current posting, we wish to congratulate Michael Rufrano on his success during NY State and National Championships in Track and Field.

Michael Rufrano is a high jumper for Chaminade High School.  He began working with Andras Fulop in April of this year, with the goal of improving his performance on the field.  In this time, he has not only made great strides in his physical abilities in the clinic, but also achieved personal records, jumping 6'7" this past month.  Michael placed second in the New York State Track and Field Championships, and was subsequently invited to the National Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina.

RIPS Certification Program Launced

One Physical Therapy has initiated a certification exam for fitness professionals that is one of its kind.  The Recurrent Injury Prevention Specialist (RIPS) certification prepares fitness trainers to lead exercise programs for the previously-injured client.  Once patients have succesfully rehabilitated from injury, many are fearful to return to physical activities.  The RIPS trainer has the knowledge and access to the tools that will help to keep the patient going.

Congratulations to the Lifetime Fitness trainers who have graduated from our pilot program.

OPT's Elite Athlete Samantha Cesario wins the Bronze!

American Samantha Cesario , part of  the One Physical Therapy Elite Athlete Consulting Program, earned the bronze medal in her second Junior Grand Prix (JGP) circuit. She finished fourth at JGP Romania in 2010. The Skating Club of New York representative maintained her third-place standing after the short program with a clean free skate to music fromBlack Swan. She easily set personal-best marks in all three phases of the competition, with 101.62 of her 153.84 total points coming in the free. The highlight of her free skate came in the second half of the program, when Cesario earned 8.23 points for a triple Salchow-double toe-double loop combination.

"After missing the U.S. Championships last year, it was such a privilege to be given this opportunity to represent the U.S. in Gdansk," Cesario said. "I was extremely happy with both of my performances, and winning a medal means so much to me. I've had another great international experience, and I hope the rest of my season continues in the same direction."

We send Samantha Cerario our congratulations, and will continue to make her continued success a priority.

David Lipetz Invited to Join Olympic Committee

David Lipetz, founder and director of One Physical Therapy, was chosen to join a roundtable discussion on training the future of U.S. figure skaters.  The developer of the Off-Ice Edge, David Lipetz is a pioneer and expert in off-ice training for ice skaters as well as hockey players.  We are thrilled to have David be among the leaders of Olympic Training.